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We coordinate training in the following areas: Hazardous Materials, CERT, Red Cross, Firefighting, and various other emergency services training. A lot of this training is provided for you at no cost. If you are interested in a course, please contact us and we will sign you up.

If you see a course not listed that you would like to take, please let us know and we will work on getting the course setup.

Any questions about what is listed here can be answered by calling the number listed below.

Contact Information: (435) 781-5466 or email:

Local Training
Hazardous Materials Awareness (2)                     Coming Soon
Hazardous Materials Operations (2)                     Coming Soon
Hazardous Materials Incident Commander           Coming Soon
CERT                                                                    See Attached
Fire Fighter I                                                         Coming Soon
Fire Inspector I (1)                                                Coming Soon

(1) This course can be taken for college credit. You will need to make arrangements through the Fire and Rescue Academy and Utah Valley State College. You must have your Firefighter I certification to receive your certification certificate.

(2) This course can be used for college credit if you pay a $20 fee to the Fire and Rescue Academy and take their exam. Then you must pay for the reciprocal credit fee $20 dollars a credit and must already have a copy of their certification certificate for Hazmat Awareness.

Online Training (courses of citizen interest):


From the National Fire Academy

From USU Extension