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January 1 All real property is assessed and liened as of this date.

January 16 All parcels with a previous year delinquency will begin to accumulate INTEREST at the established Federal Discount Rate. This rate varies according to the year of delinquency.

February Uintah County Treasurer to send notification of pending five year tax sale properties.

Notification of property tax overpayments or doublepayments subject to submission to Utah State Unclaimed Property.

March 15th All properties with a five year delinquency are forwarded to the Uintah County Auditor for potential Tax Sale. All payments toward a tax sale parcel from this date through and including the day of the tax sale must be with CASH or CERTIFIED FUNDS (no exceptions).

March 31 Final annual settlement with each taxing entity.

April (approx mid-month) Uintah County Treasurer mails courtesy reminder letters to property owners of previous year delinquencies. Letters informing property owners of overpayments or doublepayments for previous year are also mailed.

May 1 All property tax overpayments for previous years (two years prior) are due to the Utah State Unclaimed Property Division.

May (approx 3rd week) Five Year May Tax Sale held by the Uintah County Auditor.

June Mortgage Companies begin to submit requests for tax information.

July 22 (approx) The Uintah County Auditor mails Valuation Notices to recorded owner as of January 1. Opportunity to schedule appointment with Board of Equalization for value adjustments.

September 15 Deadline for filing appeals (or 45 days after Valuation Notice, whichever is later).

September (after the 15th) Board of Equalization hearings are held.

September Mortgage company requests for tax information are finalized. Tax tapes and request lists are sent to the mortgage companies and taxing services.

October Property Tax Notices are mailed approximately third week.

November 30 Property Taxes are Due (postmark is accepted, however an office postage meter is NOT considered a valid postmark for the November 30th deadline.)

December 15th-January 15th Penalty is applied to delinquent parcels at the rate of $10.00 minimum or 2% whichever is greater per parcel.