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Election Judge Information

Uintah County Poll Workers Information

A Message to the Citizens of Uintah County from
MICHAEL W. WILKINS, Uintah County Clerk/Auditor

On election days in our county, over 80 poll workers staff our 10 precinct polling places. Each poll worker is part of the important election process by which we select our representatives.

If you would like to be one of these dedicated people who serve their community and contribute to our democratic election process, please complete the application in this page and e-mail it to us as soon as possible.

Once we have processed your application, you will be contacted and asked to attend an orientation session.

Thank you,

MICHAEL W. WILKINS, Uintah County Clerk/Auditor


You must be a registered voter. 
You must reside in Uintah County 
You must be at least 18 years of age. (A 17 year old may be a judge in a primary election, as long as they will be 18 by the general election) 

Each voting precinct is assigned three election judges


What are the hours of work?

All judges must be at their polling location by 6:00 AM on election morning. The day ends after 8:00 PM and when all the ballots have been accounted for and properly returned to the Elections Division.

Will there be any training?

Yes, once you agree to be a poll worker, you will be notified of the training schedule. Dates will be provided for your convenience.

Will I be paid for this service?

Uintah County provides a stipend of $100.00 for those who serve as poll workers.

Will I be provided lunch?

No, however we encourage you to coordinate a potluck with the other poll workers or bring a sack lunch.

If you are interested in being a poll worker please call 781-5360 or complete this Application and mail it to the Clerk-Auditor