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Uintah County Election Information

2022 General Election Final Results
2022 General Election Final SOVC Report

2022 Candidate Filings
2022 Financial School Board Uintah County 
2022 Uintah County Board of Canvassers

2022 Audit Regular General Election Notice

2022 Regular General Election Information & Sample Ballot
2022 Final Financial Statements from Candidates Eliminated in the June 28th Primary

2022 Primary Election Canvass Reports

2022 Primary Official Results

Primary Election # of Ballots
2022 Public Service Announcement

2022 Sample Ballot and Notice Of Election Dates

2022 Declared Candidates
2022 Election Filing Period Adjustment
2022 Notice of Election 
2022 Revised Notice of Election
2022 Uintah County Filing Fees

2021 General Election Results
2021 General Canvass Report

2021 Sample Ballot Municipal General

2021 Municipal General Election Information

2020 General Election Results by Precinct

2020 Primary Canvass Report 

2020 Primary Election Results

2020 Primary Election Results by Precinct

2020 Primary Election Results

2019 General Election Results

2018 General Election Results
2018 Primary Election by Precinct
2018 Primary Election Results

2017 General Election Results
2016 Primary Election Results
2016 General Election Results
2015 General Election Results
2014 General Election Results
2012 Primary Election Results
2008 Primary Election Results